20.02.2020 // how to be productive instead of busy | female factor masterclass

what is this masterclass about?

While being busy and distracted is easier than ever before, most people are struggling to actually get things done and be productive. In this masterclass, you will learn how to have a critical look at your current time management and improve it heavily. You will be able to set clear priorities, get rid of distractions and work with high performance. All of this will not only allow you to get more things done, but to also have a clear mind and be present throughout your days.

who will you learn from?

Sinem is a trainer, author of the book “Selbstpotenzial” and digital entrepreneur in the field of personal development and high performance. Through her workshops, online courses and her blog on Medium.com, she has already helped thousands of people level up their performance and grow personally. She is running her business together with her partner while traveling the world. For Sinem, high performance and personal growth are ways to gain control and freedom of your own life, as working productively means having more time for everything else in life.

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